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Send “Will you be quiet now?” For my muses reactions to yours pushing them against a wall and kissing them


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Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes
[text:] Trying to get me back into bed with you Natasha?

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Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes
[text:] Wrong number?

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Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes
[text:] Having phone problems again?
[text:] Or did you just want to show me your penis?



               ❝ I don’t think that not sleeping would make up
            for the lost time, Cap. Everyone needs their sleep.  ❞

                       ”I’m fine really. I’ll sleep later when the work is done. 
                                     Besides, Tony has stayed up later than
                                                this and he works just fine.”


If he had his way he never would have stopped dotting those little kisses all over Steve. In fact he didn’t have to stop, maybe he wouldn’t but he had to get out of bed sooner or later and he knew Steve would want to do the same. Probably more so than Tony now he was without his tricks and toys - when he’d spent so many hours of the day working on his suits and gadgets it was difficult to know what to do now they were gone and he could hardly risk going outside very often. He couldn’t get caught just yet. 

His expression turned into a shocked one along with an attempted look at being offended but it hardly passed as that. “Sometimes being annoying is a pretty good trait to have you know.” he shrugged his shoulders and smiled tilting his head down so his chin pressed to the soldier shoulders, brown eyes still fixed on his face watching him. Not only had sleeping with Steve meant Tony had slept easier and without nightmares it also meant he got to wake up to him. He didn’t favour waking up alone but when he got to wake up next to Steve he straight away had a reason to smile and a reason to get out of bed - eventually, after Steve had gotten out of bed himself.

“Hm no, you haven’t got to stop. I don’t make the rules.” His last few words were quiet mumbles against Steve’s lips when they met again. He smiled against his mouth and nipped his lower lip, pulling back to speak again. “Come to think about it, I don’t think I’m gonna stop yet. I can’t.” Tony’s fingers reached out to grip onto Steve’s hip and he pressed his lips to his once again.

There were a lot of questions, a lot of things unanswered. Steve wished he could ask all of them, get the answers that he needed, though it wouldn’t do much. These types of things were better if they let nature take its course, let them both figure out what they wanted. Steve was in too much of a pure bliss state to let something like a question ruin his mood, at least not when he was currently kissing America’s most eligible man (and most attractive, though Steve could be biased.) The best part about all of this, was that Steve didn’t even ask for this to happen, he literally fell in love. When Tony came to his doorstep asking for a place to crash, Steve saw it as an opportunity for him and Tony to become good friends, though he wasn’t going to complain that their relationship took this turn.

Steve had actually grown quite fond of Tony’s annoyance, it was part of his charm and charisma. He was annoying, but in the good kind of way, at least now he saw it that way. “Is that so?” he asked, giving him a soft smile, “Well, it’s probably a good thing you wear it so well.” Steve liked that TOny could at time be annoying, it tended to make things interesting, like when he couldn’t take a simple ‘no’ for an answer, and suddenly they were going out at 3am for food. Maybe it was too soon to say, but Steve could really get used to this: the playful bantering, the wakeing up together, and the inability to stop kissing.

"Really? Because I thought you always made the rules." he teased, the words coming out so easily as he grinned, pressing his lips to the others. He pulled himself closer into Tony, even though it felt like they were close enough already. He wrapped his arms around him, fingers instinctively going to thread into the brunette’s hair. "I really don’t want you to stop." He admitted, not wanting any of this to stop, he was going to soak it in as long as he could, even though he knew him and Tony needed to get out of bed..eventually.

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[text:] Hi Steve.
[text:] Hi Gamora.
[text:] So you meant to send those to me?

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(?God is real jfc cx)

When the girl you like sends you nudes, you don’t complain.

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Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.
[text:] Are you trying to seduce me Olivia?
[text:] Because it's working.

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Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.
[text: unsent] God is real
[text:] I'm pretty sure you're the most attractive woman in the galaxy.
[text:] I'll delete these since I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to send them to Captain America.