Captain Handsome
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An Intimate Evening


Even when he had been with other people, it hadn’t been like this. This was… he didn’t know how to describe it. It wasn’t something he done often, if at all. When he got naked, when he and his partner got naked, then it meant that it would eventually lead up to sex—Tony didn’t see the point of denying it, because that had always been his main goal up until now. Him and Steve were alike, in multiple ways, but they were also dissimilar at the same time. It was what kept things interesting, in Tony’s mind, because there were so many things that they disagreed on and it allowed them to work together, try and teach each other from their own view. It wasn’t to the point in which they disagreed on everything, because that never worked—but it was enough to keep things interesting, to make sure that they both knew that the other wasn’t a mindless being that would go along with anything said or suggested simply because of it being the other that had done so. They were their own people, regardless of whether they were alone or together. It made a change, something that Tony appreciated more than he could ever really explain.

The fingers tracing across his skin were ignored for the moment, as he popped open the few buttons that were on Steve’s jeans, letting them open slowly. This wasn’t something that they needed to rush, as far as Tony was concerned, based on what Steve had said to him. This was something that they were meant to enjoy—but it wasn’t sexual, in any sense. It was just meant to be relaxing. At least, that was what he had to assume from what Steve had told him so far, and the nature of what they were doing. They were pushed down, thumbs hooking into the waistband over his hips, along with the underwear beneath them—because, unlike himself, Steve somehow always managed to wear it at the wrong times. Not that these thoughts were said aloud, not wanting to ruin the moment. It was only when he heard the other speak that they cut off and he blinked up towards him, momentarily startled. It only amplified with his words, the question. “You want to draw me like this?” Tony didn’t see, or understand, why. He was covered in scars, battered and bruised, his appearances fading with old age—even if it wasn’t as bad as what it could be, by any means, and Tony was thankful for that, without a doubt. If Steve wanted to, then he wouldn’t deny him the chance—even if he didn’t understand it himself. “Yeah, if you want to.” Then lips are over his and Tony can’t stop the low laugh that escapes him as he kisses the other man back all too willingly, a hand going up to curl into his hair.

Steve had never been so bare, exposed and opened with a person so much. Steve still had insecurities about his body, some things just never change. He wanted to be like this with Tony, he felt relaxed, comfortable and safe in his presence. Something that, in Steve’s opinion, was rather important. Steve really felt as though he could wrap his arms around Tony, lay down in bed and just cuddle while they forget that the rest of the world existed. They couldn’t do that, at least not just yet. He made a mental note to make sure that they did that before the night ended. If Steve had his way, they wouldn’t be putting clothes on until they got up in the morning. It was in moments like these that Steve knew that they were meant to be together, as cliche as it sounded. Steve didn’t want to wake up next to anybody else, because nobody worked as well as Tony di with Steve. They had their downs, but they complimented each other more than not. Steve? Steve was head over heels in love. Tony was worth fighting for, and he’d be damned if he never went down without a fight. The thought made him smile, taking a moment to admire the man who was in front of him.

When Tony had finally gotten his jeans undone and pulled down he kicked them to the side, joining Tony’s. Steve was glad that they weren’t rushing. So much of their lives were already rushed. Deadlines, meetings, occasionally having to sprint out and save the world. It could get exhausting, especially when they didn’t get much time to themselves on some days. He was just glad to be with Tony and not give a damn about anything else. To Steve, nothing was more important than Tony here in their current moment. Steve swallowed and nodded his head. Steve didn’t want to push the intimacy or overdo it, but it wouldn’t hurt to suggest it. “It would be an honor.” he said honestly and sincerely. Steve couldn’t think of a better person to do it with than the one man he couldn’t get enough of. “I haven’t been able to do one yet. After dropping out of Art School and the war, then The Avengers, I just didn’t have time.” he admitted, his fingers still absentmindedly tracing the skin beneath them. “But you’re just so gorgeous and perfect, there isn’t anybody more who I’d want to draw them like this than you.” It was so true that it hurt. Steve really did think that Tony was gorgeous, thought he was in such a higher league than Steve was. He smiled into the kiss, humming against his lips as he held him close. The gentle embrace was enough to make Steve want to melt, never let go of Tony. “I really do want to.” He finally stated once they parted lips. “We’ll set a date later.” he nodded, eager about the idea. “But tonight first.” Steve leaned down to kiss Tony another kiss. “Got any suggestions on what I should paint? Or any recommendations?”

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sovrxnolupo  whispered: "How did I get so lucky with you, hmm?"

"I ask myself the same question about you, love."


save derek hale 2014

This show is going to be the death of me.

sovrxnolupo  whispered: "Want you to fuck me." Derek mused in a low tone, eyes closing and taking in all that was Steve.

"All you had to do was ask."

Steve smirked against Derek’s skin,
kissing on it fondly;
                                   The soldier sucked
out a mark on his neck, pulling up his
shirt and tossing it aside

calmandcontent  whispered: "I will never stop laughing about the bingo thing."

"Bingo is awesome Bruce, accept it.”


   “ Oh. Well, what else am I suppose to use that metabolism of your’s for?


"Maybe something less insulting?"