Captain Handsome
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Steve fingering his girlfriend under the table during a double date or some sort of formal event 


Tony didn’t bother to hide as he rolled his
eyes in response to the smirk on Steve’s
face. The other is smug, as he is more
often than not when it comes to these types
of situations… unfortunately. He jabs a
finger against his chest anyway, shakes
his head.

Mieux vaut être.


Steve smirked at him, finding Tony jabbing
at his chest to be more cute than anything. He
leaned down and kissed his forehead. He walked
into their bedroom, laying him down onto the bed.
He smiled as he placed himself over top of Tony,
leaning down to kiss him tenderly. 

Voir, ce n’était pas si mal. Maintenant, était-ce?

NSFW Ship Meme

Who is louder? 

Who is more experimental? 

Who takes more risks? 

Do they fuck or make love?

Lights on or off? 

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  

Who comes first? 

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? 

Who is more submissive? 

Who usually initiates things? 

Who is more sensitive?

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(Sexy) Secrets of a Soldier


Tony wasn’t sure what it was, but he knew from the moment that Steve stepped into the room and looked at him, that the blond wasn’t going to be the one to mention what he’d received that day. Tony didn’t really know why, why Steve was trying to keep it a secret from him. It didn’t seem like something that was meant to be a surprise either, given the way that he seemed almost to be… disappointed in seeing him. Tony could just hope that he was making that gaze up in his mind that he was overthinking things as he was so often told he did. If only he didn’t know what it was real, and more than likely for the reason that was contained in the parcel that sat somewhere in the parcel, wrapped up and concealing lace and satin. It was hard not to twitch at the thought alone, hadn’t bothered to try and deny himself of the thoughts for the last few weeks whilst he’d been waiting. Being in boxers definitely didn’t make it easy to conceal himself though, and Tony knew that he would be caught out – that Steve would think it was the only reason that he was upstairs… which is was, but not for the ‘normal’ reasons. He ignored the thoughts and covered himself up to his waist with the covers instead, pushed the blue prints in front of him to the side and contemplated an actual book until they either fell asleep or Steve finally caved. The former was more likely, from the feel of the room.

Eyebrows raised at Steve’s words, and those were his thoughts confirmed. The other man was going out of his way to make sure that Tony didn’t find out, and it twisted him on the inside in the wrong way. He tried to ignore it though as Steve walked closer, got into the bed. The blond was a terrible liar, regardless of what context it was. Now wasn’t any different and he resisted the urge to tell him so, schooled his features to make sure that it wasn’t written on there instead. “Yeah?” He questioned anyway, nodding along to his words. Tony gave a hum of his own, contemplated what he was meant to do next, what he was meant to say next. It was taken out of his hands as Steve turned the focus to him, which he didn’t want for once. “It’s nothing,” he answered with a shake of his head, dismissive of the topic of conversation. He couldn’t exactly admit that he wanted Steve to give in already, show him. “Just… think I’ve been overworking, needed a break.” It was a lie, a total lie and Tony would have still been down there if he could have been. If he could snap himself into it, because he had too many ideas buzzing inside of him, all of them lingering towards Steve and the way that he would look squirming on top of him, lace pushed to the side—The thoughts were cut off with a swallow, inhaling. It was hard though, as Tony kissed him back, hummed against his mouth. “JARVIS said something was delivered today,” he responded rather than answering the question. “Didn’t say who it was for… Anything good?”

Tony was up to something, Steve could just tell. Months together had helped Steve get a good feel on Tony, just as he was sure Tony could read him like a book. That didn’t mean that either one of them were a mind reader, but they were getting better at being able to call each other out. Steve wasn’t going to linger on it, why would he? He had Tony in bed, at a decent hour and Steve didn’t even have to drag him here. It was almost unheard of when it came to Tony. That didn’t by any means mean that Tony was innocent, neither was Steve. He was the one who felt like he was sneaking around, over something as silly as lingerie. He really knew it shouldn’t be a big deal, but he couldn’t shake the mental beating that he was giving himself. He was Captain America, he was practically a walking symbol of masculinity. Steve was sure that Tony probably wouldn’t give a damn, but what if he did? It was that one what if thought that was stopping him. It might be a simple ‘what if’ but if it happened to go negatively then it could end worse than what Steve could imagine. Worse case scenario, Tony wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where his partner wore an article of clothing that was considered more feminine than masculine.

Steve shifted slightly, allowing himself to all but curl up next to Tony in the bed, laying his head against Tony’s shoulder. He hummed, happily as he traced small patterns on his chest. He nodded his head along in agreement with his words. “You have been overworking.” Steve pointed out. Steve was all but convinced that Tony spent too many hours in the lab, not doing enough of anything else as far as he was concerned. Steve actually prefered it when they got to be together, not in the lab and not completely exhausted. “You should take more breaks.” He nodded his head, confirming his words, “I quite enjoy seeing you in bed when I come in, it’s a cute look for you.” He teased, smiling against Tony’s lips as they kiss. Steve rolled his bottom lip into his mouth, slight panic coursing through his veins. Tony couldn’t possibly know, could he? Of course not, Steve was careful about these types of things, make sure that it was kept as quiet and secretive as possible. Nobody knew that Steve enjoyed wearing lingerie, and he planned on keeping it that way until he knew that at least Tony was okay with it. Of course, this mean that Steve was going to have to lie again. How ironic was that, Captain America a war hero couldn’t lie to save his life. He was too good hearted to lie, and he couldn’t poker face either. He shrugged his shoulders casually, trying to pretend that he had no idea what Tony was talking about. All Steve had to do was play it cool and he could get through this. “Did he? Hmm, I’m not sure.” He was praying that he was being at least somewhat convincing and maybe Tony wouldn’t press much further. Though Tony was more likely to press it until he was satisfied. “I think maybe one of the others ordered some personal things. You know, that sort of stuff.” Steve looked up at him, pecking his lips innocently. “Why do you ask? Expecting something?”

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