Captain Handsome
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"Bucky deserved more than this.”


[ text: Spangled Stripes ]: Alright.

Tony sends the last text after a second and throws his Stark phone on the side of the couch carelessly with a sigh. He waits for the blonde several minutes before he hears the elewator open and sees Steve enter the main room in his gym clothes.

Steve took a few moments to gather himself together, not wanting to look as if he was a hot mess. Tony seemed to constantly look flawless no matter what the situation was. He was impatient about seeing Tony, couldn’t help himself. The elevator ride seemed to take forever as well, but was glad when it finally came to a stop. He licked his lips as he made his way over to Tony. “One super soldier at your request.” He said out loud, grinning at the other.


[ text: Spangled Stripes ]: Thne why aren’t you here?

[ text: Tony ] Good question

[ text: Tony ] Give me five, I’m coming up.



                                  If living means bowing down to the
                            likes of you bastards, I’d rather die on my
                                      feet ] with my ʜᴇᴀᴅ ʜᴇʟᴅ ʜɪɢʜ.

nomorethaniron  whispered: come back to bed



Send me ‘come back to bed’ for my character’s reaction to being caught sneaking out the morning after.

Steve wasn’t sure if it could be considered sneaking out anymore. He figured that him and Tony were in well deep enough that Tony knew that he would come back. Unfortunately for Steve, he had stayed up later than what he had wanted to. Well it wasn’t rather unfortunate since he had enjoyed himself, since Tony decided to go more than one round. It did cause Steve to wake up later than what he originally wanted too. He sighed and turned to look at Tony when he asked him to come back to bed. “I can’t. I have to go to work Tony.” It wasn’t helping that Tony was looking at him with the biggest puppy brown eyes. “I have to work. ” he said firmly. He walked back over to the bed and pressed his lips against Tony, straddling into his lap gently. “You know Fury will have both of our heads if I stay.” he mumbled against his lips. 

Hearing Steve’s words, Tony barely managed to repress the urge to glare at him. It was only the fact that he swallowed him down again that cut him off, lips parted to snarl but instead groaned. Eyes fell shut, a sharp inhale heard and his hips pressed forward again insistently, in time with the bobs of his head that Steve made. A shudder dragged through him, but he remained silent on ‘the word’ out of being stubborn more than anything else. It carried on that way before he was giving into himself, and probably Steve too, slumping back slightly against the counter with a sharp tug in blond hair, desperate and harder than it had been before. “C’mon,” he groaned, resisted the urge to squirm. He hated giving in, didn’t want the other to think lesser of him… but if he had to, then he had to. Steve wouldn’t be the one to give in first, for reasons that he didn’t understand as the man hadn’t even hit his ending once so far… “Steve, c’mon.” He’s impatient now, can’t hide it if he tried, nor does he intend to try either. An elbow leans back against the counter behind him, chest heaving slightly as he tries to compose himself from the threat of another impending orgasm. Not that he was complaining about it, but… well, he didn’t exactly like the thought of it happening again without it happening for Steve, too. Not that he was prepared to tell him that, didn’t want the blond to have the leverage to drag it out as long as possible for the both of them simply because he knew that Tony would willingly wait for him.

Steve was quite content on his knees and didn’t have any plans on moving until Tony told him so. He loved looking up at the other, seeing how much he was able to please Tony. It allowed for a smug sense of satisfaction to run over him. He liked pushing Tony’s limits, seeing him squirm and all but beg for him. There was something that was so satisfying about seeing him come completely undone, that he now only let Steve see him like this. He loved hearing the noises and feeling the sharp tugs in his hair, knowing that he was the one to make him react like that was something he couldn’t get enough of. He planned on dragging it out, wanted to get as much of this as he could. Though he knew how impossible that was going to be as well, Steve was feeling impatient and the last thing he wanted was to give Tony so many orgasms that Steve completely broke him. Until Tony said to stop, Steve continued to swallow around him, trying to give the other as much pleasure as possible. He smirked around Tony’s length when the other was finally giving in. Steve wasn’t complaining, because as much as Steve wanted Tony to finish in his mouth he was ready to have his own orgasm. Steve pulled Tony out of his mouth slowly, still swirling his tongue around the head as he looked up at Tony. “Just one last thing, do I need to get a bottle of lube from the bedroom or do you happen to have one secretly stashed around here?”

i want a smut thread where dancing in a club turns to fucking on the side against a wall.

It’s Been a While || Steve & Clint


Within just a few minutes the pair was seated at a table and ordering their food. Once the waitress left them, Clint leaned forward a bit. “Listen, Steve… I’m really sorry. I got called away on business, which is why I left so… Suddenly.” It was always awkward trying to talk about his feelings like this. “It was a sensitive matter, I didn’t know where I was going or how long I’d be gone until I got there. If I could have called or anything I would have.”

Steve shook his head. He knew it was going to be his downfall one day, being so nice and forgiving, but Steve couldn’t help it. He saw a good in everybody and tried to remain positive, even in the toughest of times. Clint wasn’t a bad guy, and Steve wasn’t going to hold it against him, he wasn’t that petty. He was just glad that Clint was back and that they were talking, they seemed to be on good terms and that was important to Steve. Once they had ordered, Steve was glad to have time to sit down one on one with Clint, really relax and talk. Steve shrugged, acting like it wasn’t a big deal since he really didn’t want to have the other beating himself up. “Don’t worry about it, I understand.” He said. He honestly did, being both a soldier and a former SHIELD agent, Steve knew all too well about how you could be whisked away without a moments notice. He smiled nonetheless. “At least you’re back now, and you’re alright. That’s a good thing.” He really was glad to see Clint again, more than what he was showing on the outside. “I missed seeing you around.” 

It’s Been a While || Steve & Clint


Relieved, Clint gave Steve a smile. “Great. My treat, by the way. How about we hit up a sit-down place? There’s this great diner near my apartment building, it’s not too far from here,” he insisted. Maybe it was too much to hope that Steve would be quick to snatch him up again. For all Clint knew, he had someone new in his life and Clint was just barking up the wrong tree completely. 

Steve was glad that there was still some civility between them. Though Steve was sure Clint had moved on, and this was just politeness coming through. Steve might be old fashioned, but grabbing a cup of coffee or some food was an excellent way to catch up without it being awkward. As long as Steve didn’t make things awkward or embarrass himself. “Diner huh? I can’t turn that down.” Diners were one of the few things in this decade that still felt familiar to Steve. Steve gave Clint an encouraging smile. “Lead the way, if you don’t mind.”

It’s Been a While || Steve & Clint


"I’ve… Yeah, good," Clint answered, vaguely. "Listen, are you free? Like… Right now? Because I’d love to get some dinner with you, if you’re not too busy," he asked, a hopeful look in his eye. He’d screwed up with Steve before, but now that SHIELD was dismantled and his life was getting back on track, Clint wanted to try again and finally do something right.

Steve wasn’t sure how he felt about all of this, confused to be honest. Steve thought him and Clint were on to something but then Clint went MIA. Steve knew that it was part of the job, but I warning would have been nice. Though he wasn’t going to be rude, him and Clint could still be friends, even if things hadn’t gone the way that Steve wanted them too. He gave him a smile and nodded. “Of course, I was just headed to home since my day was over anyway. I could use a good bite to eat.”